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    The Creators: South Africa Through the Eyes of Its Artists

    Loojad: Lõuna-Aafrika läbi tema kunstnike silmade |

    Director: Laura Gamse, Jaques De Villiers

    Country: South Africa

    Year: 2012

    Length: 89'

    Language: In English, Xhosa and Afrikaans with English subtitles

    Official website: thecreatorsdocumentary.com/

    The Creators introduces the intricate reality of modern day South Africa through the eyes of its artists. Weaving through the lives of Faith47 (street art), Warongx (afro-blues), Emile Jansen (Lõuna Aafrika hip-hop’i legend), Sweat.X (performance art), Blaq Pearl (spoken word) and Mthetho Mapoyi (opera), the film culminates in an intertwined story exploring the lives of its creators. Born into separate areas of the formerly-segregated country, the artists recraft history - and the impacts of apartheid - in their own artistic languages.

    How does creative expression traverse the divide?

    The Creators was shot and edited entirely by South Africans, the majority of whom were trained while on the job and now work professionally in South Africa's burgeoning film industry.