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  • Film programme "The Ecstatic Truth of Werner Herzog"

    [R] 01.03 Time 00.00

    From March to December of this year, documentary films by Werner Herzog, one of today’s most prolific and versatile film visionaries, will be screened on nine occasions as part of the Kumu Documentary series. In his dreamlike documentaries, Herzog, who has never studied at a film school, and does not recommend it to others, transports us to a dislocated universe, in which we live, but never become used to.

    The series includes thirteen extreme, ground-breaking films. The audience can see and experience the sheer beauty as well as horror of faraway places, enter into the joy-and worry-filled actions of ordinary people and eccentrics, and participate in a world of deaf and blind people who have been left totally alone, which, as a reflection for healthy people, is both flawless and imperfect. Just like our conventional world.

    Films are supported by the Goethe Institute and the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn.

    Films in the programme:

    06.03 Time 18:00

    Little Dieter Needs To Fly

    Väike Dieter tahab lennata

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Germany, UK, France, 1997, 71'

    03.04 Time 18:00

    The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner / The Dark Glow of the Mountains

    Puunikerdaja Steineri suurejooneline ekstaas / Gasherbrum – helendav mägi

    08.05 Time 18:00

    La soufrière / Lessons of Darkness

    La soufrière – vältimatu katastroofi ootuses / Pimeduse õppetunnid

    05.06 Time 18:00

    Wheel of Time


    Director: Werner Herzog

    Germany, 2003, 80'

    04.09 Time 18:00

    Grizzly Man


    Director: Werner Herzog

    USA, 2005, 103'

    02.10 Time 18:00

    Wodaabe – Herdsmen of the Sun / Bells from the Deep. Faith and Superstition in Russia

    Wodaabe – päikesekarjused Lõuna-Saharas / Sügaviku kellad. Usk ja ebausk Venemaal

    06.11 Time 18:00

    Land of Silence and Darkness

    Vaikuse ja pimeduse maa

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Germany, 1971, 82'

    04.12 Time 18:00

    Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life

    Kuristikku. Jutustus surmast ja elust

    Director: Werner Herzog

    USA, UK, Germany, 2011, 107'

    11.12 Time 18:00

    The White Diamond

    Valge teemant

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Germany, UK, Japan, 2004, 88'