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    The English Surgeon

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    Director: Geoffrey Smith

    Country: Great Britain

    Year: 2007

    Length: 95'

    The English Surgeon is shot in a Ukranian hospital full of desperate patients and makeshift equipment, but it is ultimately not a medical film - it is about a man who openly wrestles with moral and ethical issues which touch every one of us.
    Henry's emotional journey takes him to visit the mother of a young girl he couldn't save some years ago, intercut with the current dilemma of a young man called Marian, dying of a brain tumour said to be inoperable in Ukraine. Marian has come to Kiev hoping that Henry can save him. He thinks he can, but only if Marian is awake throughout the entire operation.
    With an original soundtrack composed and performed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, the film is set in a bleak Ukranian landscape as Henry and his colleague Igor struggle against massive logistical odds and the wrath of the old Soviet health system.