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    The Human Zoo

    Inimloomaaed |

    Film screenings and artists’ talk. The Human Zoo: A social project on the issue of prostitution

    Duration: 2h
    'The Human Zoo' is a social project that aims to inform society about prostitution as a form of trade and its problems in today’s Estonian society. The first part of the project took place on 24 May in the Sõprus Cinema. In Kumu, the artists Liina Siib (Estonia) and Teemu Mäki (Finland) will introduce their films that were prepared for the exhibition “Sex Market” in the Tallinn Art Hall in 2007. Siib’s film “Averse Body” examines the emotional life of women involved in prostitution. Mäki’s film shows interviews with Estonian and Finnish prostitutes. The talk will be moderated by the curator and art historian Reet Varblane.