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    The Kid and the Clown / With Fidel Whatever Happens

    Laps ja kloun / Mis ka ei juhtu, ikka Fideliga |

    Dir: Ida Grøn
    Denmark 2011, 53'
    In Danish with Estonian and English subtitles

    Angus works two days a week in the children's oncology department of Skejby Sygehus, one of the largest academic hospitals in Denmark. He is neither a nurse nor a doctor, but a clown. He tries to get the children laughing, immersed as they are in the world of injections, drips and chemo treatments. One of these children is six-year-old Tobias. While Tobias struggles with his cancer, Angus battles against the fear and despair that strikes many children and their parents over the course of the intensive treatments. Angus is convinced that humour increases the chance of the treatment's success, but he also acknowledges that these young patients are absolutely alone in their confrontation with their life-threatening disease. For Tobias, in any case, Angus's presence seems to be very meaningful, and the frienship that grows between them helps Tobias to recover.

    XXVI Pärnu Film Festival best film for kids

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bcb7qp_UiHs


    Dir: Goran Radovanovic
    Serbia (filmed in Cuba) 2011, 47'
    Without text

    Sierra Maestra, 850 km east of Havana. The day before celebrations of the 52nd anniversary of the communist revolution in Cuba. An old man with a motorcycle, as old as him. A young dentist on his way to a clinic amidst remote mountains. He is waited by a patient called Vladimir Ilich (prenom of Lenin). A middle-aged married couple running a public telephone booth for those who have no personal phone. The fate of these people and many ohter men of Sierra Maestra, in the cradle of communist Cuba. The revolution continues. Under the slogan: With Fidel, Whatever Happens! For how long and how far could Cuba go ahead with such a slogan?

    XXVI Pärnu Film Festival Grand Prix as the best artistic achievement.

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe6AvVdQQeU