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    The Oslo Opera House

    Oslo Ooperimaja |

    Director: Anne Elisabeth Andersen

    Country: Norway

    Year: 2008

    Length: 59'

    Language: In Norwegian and English

    Introduction by director Anne Elisabeth Andersen

    April 2008 marked a special event: the inauguration of Norway's long-awaited opera house. Emerging from the fjord like an immense iceberg, the futuristic structure, set in the docklands of Bjørvika (central Oslo), is an extraordinary marble-and-glass vision and the Norwegian capital's pride and joy. The building was designed by Snøhetta, the Norwegian architectural firm responsible for the new library in Alexandria, Egypt, the Norwegian embassy in Berlin and the Turner Centre in Margate, England. The opera house boasts a 1,350-seat auditorium that's among the world's most technically sophisticated, as well as a smaller 400-seat hall. One can walk, picnic or enjoy concerts on its roof. Construction of the opera house, part of downtown Oslo's vast revitalization initiative, stands as proof of the political will to inject new life into the city centre. Set in the commercial and industrial port area, the building lies alongside a highway that has since been moved underground, and now tunnels beneath the fjord. Andersen's film, which involves the site's main players, chronicles Norway's biggest cultural construction project ever-a long and arduous five-year process with significant political, artistic and architectural ramifications.