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    The Prize of the Pole

    Pooluse hind |

    Director: Staffan Julen

    Country: Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland

    Year: 2006

    Length: 79'

    Language: English

    The boy Minik was the only one of six Inuit who survived being put on exhibition 1897 in a New York museum by the American Robert E. Peary - the first to conquer the North Pole.
    The story unfolds in the tension between the American who spent 23 years among the polar Eskimos in order to conquer the North Pole, and Minik. In the film's contemporary level, the young polar Eskimo Robert E. Peary II, a great-grandchild of the arctic explorer, goes on an expedition into his ancestor's history, which takes him back to the United States, to Greenland and to the North Pole.
    Peary was obsessed, and like other obsessed men - people around him had to pay a high price. Forced by his sponsors he had to supply them with treasures from the far north. This was during the era when museums in the western world were busy collecting and categorising artefacts from all over the world. One year Peary brought six living Eskimos to his sponsor The American Museum of Natural History in New York. Among them the six year old boy Minik. Except for Minik all Eskimos die, including his father. The tragedy goes further when Minik finds out that his foster father is responsible for the preparation of his birth fathers skeleton.