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    The Russians of the Isle of Crows

    Varesesaare venelased |

    Director: Sulev Keedus

    Country: Estonia

    Year: 2012

    Length: 73'

    Language: In Russian and Estonian with Estonian subtitles

    The story is built around a group of people: Yana, Alissa, Olesya, Vitya, Lena, Andrei, Igor, Sanya, Zhenya, Dima, Ilya, Tolik, Vaike, Sasha, Jekaterina, Pyotr, Oleg, Maksim, Vladimir, and Katya. The days and nights of all these people do not differ much from each other. They all share something - they share the same fate of the Isle of Crows. It is like a bad dream that no one can escape. Where can they run from it? Where is the city that offers salvation? The nostalgia for the good old Soviet days is mixed with the rage for lives wasted on lies. Is there hope for lives to be rebuilt from these ruins?

    Sulev Keedus, born in 1957, has directed three feature films and ten documentaries. His filmography includes the features Georgica (1998) and Somnambuul (2003), and the documentaries A Family (2004), Tormis' Sledge of Song (2005) and Jonathan from Australia (2007).