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    The Warriors of Beauty

    Ilu sõdalased |

    Director: Pierre Coulibeuf, Jan Fabre

    Country: France

    Year: 2002

    Length: 71'

    The film was inspired by Jan Fabre's choreographic and theatre creations. The director Coulibeuf, a painter himself, thinks that this film is best described as multiple-entry maze. The audience is surprised by an unusual Ariadne in a wedding gown, a sort of an evil travelers’ guide. She misleads into the world of metamorphoses, strange characters, conflicting urges, into parody, ritual and the surreal.

    Pierre Coulibeuf is best known as a director and a visual artist. He has made thirty shorts and feature films in his twenty-year long career. He has often participated at international film festivals, as well as at various large and solo exhibitions of photographic and video installations.