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    The Year of Anish Kapoor

    Anish Kapoor'i aasta |

    Director: Matthew Springford

    Country: UK, USA, Netherlands

    Year: 2009

    Length: 55'

    Language: In English

    Official website: www.anishkapoor.com/

    One of the most influential sculptors and artists of his generation, Anish Kapoor (born in Bombay in 1954) is renowned for his astonishingly complex monumental works that, increasingly, can be seen in public places. The first living artist to have a one-man show at the Royal Academy in London, Kapoor is facing the biggest challenge in his career. For this occasion, he designed a bold series of installations, notably Shooting in the Corner, a cannon that shoots red wax balls every 20 minutes that spatter the walls of the venerable institution, as well as Svayambh, a train of dripping wax that flows through five galleries. There are also pigment-based works, reflective mirrors and the curved forms for which he is famous. Alan Yentob followed the artist in his London studio during a period of intense productivity. Kapoor recalls his childhood in India, his early years as an artist and his creative process.

     We wish to thank: BBC Imagine