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    Ülo Sooster. The Man Who Dried A Towel In The Wind

    Ülo Sooster. Mees, kes kuivatas rätikut tuule käes | Ülo Sooster. Mees, kes kuivatas rätikut tuule käes

    Director: Lilija Vjugina

    Country: Estonia, Russia

    Year: 2020

    Length: 83'

    Language: In Estonian and Russian with Estonian, Russian and English subtitles

    World premiere

    Introduction by Eha Komissarov. Q&A with director Lilija Vjugina and producer Marianna Kaat after the screening.

    After ten years in a Soviet labour camp in Karaganda, the Estonian artist Ülo Sooster (1924‒1970) didn’t return to his homeland but settled in Moscow and became the most influential trend-setter for a whole generation of Soviet non-conformist artists.

    Narrated by the artist’s son Tenno-Pent Sooster, this film features rare footage and interviews with Sooster’s contemporaries in the 1960s, as well as leading experts from the Kumu Art Museum, the Tartu Art Museum and The Tretyakov Gallery.