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    War Witch

    Lapsnõid |

    Director: Kim Ngyen

    Country: Canada

    Year: 2012

    Length: 90'

    Language: With Estonian subtitles

    Film evening of the European Parliament Information Office

    WAR WITCH begins with disturbing shots where the rebels force the 12-year-old Komona to kill her parents, after which she is taken to the camp called the Great Tiger so she can be recruted as a child soldier. The time Komona spends in the camp is full of agression and mentality which praises violence. Thousands of random people are killed without even blinking. On the other hand the time also betrays a great survival instinct that Komona has. The film takes a new turn when Komona falls in love and starts to hope for a better future...

    The attacs of the rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which might even be called a human catastrophy, is considered to be one of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of refugees are from Congo.

    The main character of WAR WITCH, Rachel Mwanza won the Silver Bear for Best Actress in the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival and an award for Best Actress at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.