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    Nädalalõpud |

    Director: Lee Dong-ha

    Country: South Korea

    Year: 2016

    Length: 98'

    Language: In Korean with English subtitles

    Every weekend, a group of gay men gather in the heart of Seoul, Korea to sing. They are more like a bunch of amateurs than a trained choir, but they sing for equality and against discrimination towards sexual minorities in Korea. G-Voice is the one and only gay men's choir in South Korea. They are all amateur singers, but their passion has paved the way to their 10th anniversary. With the big concert only a few days away, they are invited to perform at the very first gay wedding in Korea, where members are assaulted with fecal matter by a homophobic group. However, “give up” is not in G-Voice's dictionary; they keep singing for equality and against all kinds of discrimination. Will G-Voice's 10th anniversary concert succeed? This glossy music documentary sheds light on gay men's hardship and joy in Korean society.