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    What the Health

    Mida tervist! |

    Director: Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn

    Country: USA

    Year: 2017

    Length: 100'

    Language: In English with Estonian subtitles

    Official website: www.whatthehealthfilm.com/

    A new, captivating and eye-opening film about health, which makes the viewers doubt everything they’ve ever heard about healthy eating. As the film proceeds, you start to understand why the major ʻhealth’ organisations would not want you to see it ...

    What the Health is a kind of a continuation from the previous film by the makers of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. We see the fearless filmmaker Kip Andersen discovering secrets of how to prevent and even improve the conditions of people suffering from serious chronic illnesses that are generally considered incurable. Kip also examines why the federal health organisations in the US have no intent of informing the public of any of this.

    Thanks to honest doctors, scientists and promoters of consumer rights, an uncomfortable truth is unveiled about corruption and deals between the government and big businesses, costing billions of dollars in healthcare money and keeping people ill. The realisation might come as a shock, but pharmaceutical companies, modern agriculture and large food-processing businesses play a guileful role in affecting people’s health, especially in vulnerable communities.

    The spirits are lifted by the daring activities of deeply caring doctors, their hope-instilling comments and the success stories of several people who have been cured surprisingly quickly. These people have taken responsibility for their own life and health, and have decided to try the magic of healing foods.

    What the Health is a surprising, captivating and at times funny full-length documentary, based on the noble principle that everyone has the right to receive adequate and competent information and to make their own decisions based on such information. It could be of interest to anyone who cares about their own health and that of the general population and how much they are secretly influenced by the big business.