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    Where the Universe Sings: The Spiritual Journey of Lawren Harris

    Kus universum laulab: Lawren Harrise hingeline teekond |

    Director: Peter Raymont, Nancy Lang

    Country: Canada

    Year: 2015

    Length: 90'

    Language: In English

    Discussion with the directors Peter Raymont and Nancy Lang will be moderated by the art historian Jaak Kangilaski.

    Lawren Harris is an artist of international stature, and the co-founder of the Group of Seven, Canada’s radical and legendary school of art. His paintings of northern wilderness, tangled and brilliant colour, wide blue expanses of lake, sky and mountain vistas are an essential ingredient in Canada’s visual identity. Harris’s curiosity and discipline led to a life of constant exploration and reinvention.
    The documentary tells the full story of Lawren Harris, the man and the artist. Central to "Where the Universe Sings" are Harris’ stunning paintings, 140 of which are woven through the film. Colourful houses, tangled Algoma wilderness, distant Superior shores, ethereal Rocky Mountain peaks, monumental Arctic icebergs and elegant abstracts reflect Lawren Harris’s artistic and spiritual journey.