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    Dir: Liivo Niglas, Diane Perlov, Frode Storaas
    USA-Norway-Estonia 2008, 57 min
    In English

    The Klamath River of Oregon and California is one of the most important salmon runs in the United States. While diminished over the past 100 years, it still supports an abundance of life and diverse economies struggling over its future course. This is a film about the Indian tribes of the river ecosystem what the Klamath means to them and how they draw on traditional and modern resources to restore its strength, beauty and balance.

    The film focuses on the Klamath River and the Indian tribes of the lower basin ? the Yurok, Hoopa, and Karuk. Yet this story has implications for any number of river ecosystems and indigenous peoples around the world. Through the Indian tribes of the Lower Klamath, the film reminds us how the health of a people and the health of its lands are integrally linked.

    Dir: Michaela Krimmer, Friedrich Ofner
    Austria, 2007, 55 min
    In English

    "Walking with Cecilia" is the intimate portrait of an indigenous woman trying to live a self-determined life. Cecilia has left her ancestral village in Valledupar in Colombia to be "free". Free from the traditions of her tribe, free from her former husband, free from the terror of the Guerrilla groups controlling the region. But her desire to return to the piece of land where she was born and raised means she must confront her own past. Cecilias memories of her homeland are filled with sadness. The Colombian civil war has entered the quiet mountain range of the Sirerra Nevada. The paramilitaries, the Guerilla and the state army have turned the Arhuaco?s land into a conflict zone. The region of Cecilia?s village is under the control of a FARC Guerilla group. Many times they were stealing the harvest of Cecilia?s land.