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    Zaha Hadid: Who Dares Wins

    Zaha Hadid: kes riskib, see võidab |

    Director: Lindsey Hanlon, Roger Parsons

    Country: Great Britain

    Year: 2013

    Length: 75'

    Language: In English

    Introduction by Peeter Pere.

    Alan Yentob profiles the most successful female architect there has ever been. Born in Baghdad in 1950 and based in London, Zaha Hadid is now one of a handful of global superstar designers who have changed the way people think about the world through their buildings. Yet this hasn’t always been the case; Hadid once had a reputation as unbuildable, a “paper architect”, whose projects began as vivid paintings of gravity-defying shapes exploding into the void. How did this extraordinary woman – by turns charming, stubborn, visionary yet exacting – come to build the impossible? Alan Yentob explores what makes Zaha Hadid tick.

    Thanks: BBC